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Enforcement Action

Action Date Enforcement Action Licensee or Regulated Person
11 Dec 2012 Administrative Penalty $3,000.00 ANT Management (BVI) Ltd.
25 Jan 2013 Directive Porcupine Absolute Return Fund Inc.
3 Jun 2014 Warning Letter Finanzas y Negocios International, Inc.
17 Dec 2014 Warning Letter CR (BVI) Limited
20 Sep 2013 Lifting of Directive World Index Growth and Income Fund Inc.
27 Oct 2016 Warning Letter MWM Financial Services Group Limited
18 Oct 2012 Directive BGL Private Equity (BVI) Limited
23 Jul 2013 Appointment of Qualified Person Shirley Trust Company Limited
30 Nov 2015 Administrative Penalty $25,000.00 ILS Fiduciary (BVI) Limited
27 Aug 2013 Cease and Desist Order Sovereign International Worldwide Limited
15 Aug 2011 Directive Intelligent Portfolio (IQ-Asset Allocation) Inc.
20 Dec 2011 Appointment of Examiner Aliquot Gold Bullion Inc.
30 Sep 2013 Warning Letter Dolphin Capital Partners Limited
10 Dec 2012 Directive Collection of Modern Art Inc.
17 Jan 2012 Warning Letter Tranquil Insurance Company Ltd