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Find here the British Virgin Islands’ legislative framework for countering money laundering and terrorist-financing, including the criminalisation of activities surrounding the proceeds of criminal conduct and terrorist-financing; the regulation and supervision of relevant entities for anti-money laundering and countering of terrorist-financing (AML/CFT) purposes and AML/CFT obligations of relevant entities.


Find here legislation which relates to the establishment and operation of statutory bodies involved in or closely related to the supervision and regulation of financial services business in the Virgin Islands.


Find here legislation relating to the execution of insolvency actions and proceedings relevant to BVI Business Companies and other corporate entities, including requirements and obligations of licensed Insolvency Practitioners.


Find here legislation that covers all insurance matters within the British Virgin Islands including the licensing and regulation of foreign and domestic insurance companies; the categories of insurance licensees issued by the BVI Financial Services Commission and the requirements and obligations of insurance managers and other insurance intermediaries.

International Cooperation

Find here legislation relating to the exchange of information among international Competent Authorities to facilitate international cooperation in line with standards established by global standard-setting bodies.


Find here legislation that are not administered by the BVI Financial Services Commission, but are relevant to participants within the financial services industry.