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Targeted Financial Sanctions Consolidated List


The BVI FSC provides the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) consolidated list below as a courtesy to licensees and financial services practitioners.

OFSI Consolidated List

The OFSI maintains its consolidated lists of financial sanctions targets (“Consolidated List”) on its GOV.UK webpages. The Consolidated List is a list of all asset freeze targets listed under UK autonomous financial sanctions legislation and UN resolutions. The individuals and entities listed are known as “designated persons”. OFSI publishes the Consolidated List to help businesses and individuals comply with financial sanctions.

As a result of the UK exit from the EU, the Consolidated List no longer include EU designations. Instead, the list has been updated with information from the UK Sanctions List to include all financial sanctions designations made under the Sanctions Anti-Money Laundering Act regulations including all asset freeze designations in the UK.  The link to the most recent Consolidated Lists may be found here:

OFSI also maintains a separate list of entities subject to specific capital market restrictions. These entities are not contained in the Consolidated List and may be found here

Please note that the OFSI consolidated list now includes a new search function to enable users to easily search the consolidated list to find asset freeze targets based on the identifying information from their listing.