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World Index Growth and Income Fund Inc.

Enforcement Action
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The Commission's Directive of 15 August, 2011 to the following funds under the management of Castlestone Management Incorporated; namely, Aliquot Agriculture Fund Inc., Global Property Growth & Income REITS Fund Inc., Aliquot Commodity Fund Inc., Inflation Target Recovery Fund Inc., Aliquot Gold & Precious Metals Equities Fund Inc., Intelligent Portfolio (IQ-Asset Allocation) Inc. , Aliquot Gold Bullion Inc. , Next 11 Emerging Fund Inc., Aliquot Precious Metals Inc. , Porcupine Absolute Return Fund Inc., Balanced Opportunity Inc. , Systematic Growth Fund Inc., Collection of Modern Art Inc. , World Index Growth and Income Fund Inc. , Concerto Alternative Alpha Inc. , Consistent Return (Cash Management) Fund Inc., Emerging Markets Growth And Income Fund Inc., and Porcupine Global Macro Plus Inc., and which was amended on 25 January, 2013 is no longer in effect. The Commission took the decision to lift the Directive with effect from 20 September, 2013.
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