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Notice to Industry Practitioners, Revised Document Drop-off Procedures, VIRRGIN Changes, Global Change, Remittance Form for FSC Payment


Notice to Industry Practitioners

In an effort to improve our service delivery, the Registry of Corporate Affairs would appreciate your cooperation in providing confirmation of persons authorised to deliver and accept documents on behalf of your firm.

To notify the Commission:

        i.     Download the Office Representative form, available in the Financial Services   
               Commission section of the Form library.

       ii.      Submit the completed form to VIRRGIN Support at by
               31 March, 2017.

We would also appreciate your notification to us when an individual is no longer authorised to deliver/accept documents on behalf of your firm.

Temporary representatives may be notified to the ROCA by completing the same form. Be sure to include the effective start and end dates.

Documents will only be given to persons named in the form.

Effect 3 April, 2017, documents will only be delivered to persons on the ROCA authorised desk.

Once documents are received from ROCA personnel, the office representative should ensure that the documents are appropriately secured for transport to the relevant firm.

Revised Document Drop-off Procedures

Payments should be delivered to the Finance Department window. All other documents may be presented to the receptionist for handling.


VIRRGIN users are advised of the following VIRRGIN enhancements that will be available 20 March 2017:

Amendment to Notice of Change of Registered Agent and Notice of Change of Registered Office Address Functions/Transactions.

For change in Registered Agent - VIRRGIN users are now able to submit single or batch filings

    2.    For change in Registered Office - VIRRGIN users are now able to submit single or 
           batch filings:

           a. in accordance with Sections 92A or 92B (Deemed amendment to the M&A); and

           b. in accordance with Section 92C (Deemed amendment to M&A);

        3. For change in Registered Agent and/or Office filed by a legal practitioner - VIRRGIN users are now able to submit the “Written Confirmation” as required by Regulation 30 in single or batch filings.

Global Change

The Caption for company type “Unregistered Foreign Entity” has been changed to “Non BVI Entity”.

Remittance Form for Payment to FSC

Please assist us to better service you by including a completed Remittance Form with payments. The form is available on the Commission’s website, under the Financial Services Commission section of the Form Library.

Action Date:
Tuesday, 21 March, 2017
Posting Date:
Tuesday, 21 March, 2017