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New features launched in VIRRGIN, VIRRGIN Transaction links, Document Delivery, Payments on Account


New features launched in VIRRGIN

On December 9 the following VIRRGIN features will be launched:

·       Amendment to the Register of Directors/Members function – Separation of the function

        o   New Function – Register of Directors  - single/multiple filings

        o   New Function – Register of Members

·       Enhancements to the Amendment Function – Ability to amend all applicable fields on the Register of Directors

·       Register of Directors – Correction Function – Ability to correct all typographical or erroneous filings previously submitted (supporting documents or certifications maybe required).

Any previously saved (but not submitted) R410 transactions should be filed. Transactions saved but not yet submitted will be deleted when the new features are launched. Please submit all saved transactions by close of business 8 December to avoid loss of transactions.

After the launch, Registered Agent must submit all requests for corrections via the VIRRGIN function. Effective 9 December, the Commission will no longer accept manual corrections for forms.

·       New VIRRGIN Reports Available – The following reports are now available (charges apply) directly from within VIRRGIN:

        o   Company Status Report: a listing of all managed companies by status – $75 per report

        o   Annual Fee Pending Report (by Agent) – $75 per report


VIRRGIN Transaction links

Following the passing of the hurricanes, VIRRGIN transaction links were extended to expire after 30 days. Effective December 11th transaction links will revert to expiring after a period of 14 days.

Document Delivery

Where physical documents need to be submitted to the Registry for processing (Companies, Trade Marks, etc.), those documents should be delivered to the Registry by 3:30 p.m. daily for same day processing.

Payments on Account

Our Finance Division has resumed regular hours for receiving funds for payment on account (VIRRGIN). Registered Agents may make payments on account until 4:30 p.m. daily.


Action Date:
Thursday, 7 December, 2017
Posting Date:
Thursday, 7 December, 2017