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Mutual Funds Annual Return Platform Upgraded

Industry Updates

The Financial Services Commission is pleased to advise that it has upgraded its platform for filing Mutual Funds Annual Returns (MFAR).  The upgraded MFAR platform is now available at the internet address and facilitates a more user-friendly and efficient filing experience. Existing users may use their current username and password to gain access and will be prompted to reset their password to continue. New users should create an account by selecting the “Create New Account” option.

All filings should be completed using the upgraded platform. Regrettably, MFAR filings are no longer being accepted by email or post.  

Notes on completing returns:

  • Submissions are due on or before 30th June, 2017 (for activity to 31 December, 2016);
  • Users should enter all values in absolute terms, for example 10 million should be entered as 10,000,000; and
  • Past filings (for prior years) are currently not available for viewing/review on the platform.


The upgraded MFAR platform includes an integrated user manual which is accessible on the home page. Please direct any additional questions for clarification regarding MFAR filings, to