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BVIFSC, Pasea Estate, Tortola - January 06, 2004 - On the 18th December, 2003, on the hearing of an application filed by the Financial Services Commission (the "Commission"), the British Virgin Islands High Court granted a protection order under section 39 of the Financial Services Commission Act, 2001, in relation to the above-captioned Funds. 

Under the order, Bill Cleghorn and Chris Stride of RSM Robson Rhodes, United Kingdom and Grand Cayman, respectively, have been appointed as Joint Administrators of the Funds. The powers of the Joint Administrators include the power to take over and manage the Funds, to take possession of and to have full and complete access to the Funds' records wherever located and to examine by way of interview any director, officer or person who in the opinion of the Joint Administrators is likely to have information relevant to the Funds' affairs. 

The Joint Administrators are to report to the Court and to the Commission within 45 days of the order. 

For further information, please contact Mrs. Carlene Herbert, Operations Department, Financial Services Commission, Pasea Estate, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. 
Tel: 284-494-4190 ext (251) 
Fax: 284-494-5016