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Aliquot Commodity Fund Inc.

Enforcement Action
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Pursuant to section 36 (1) (a) of the Financial Services Commission Act, 2001 the Commission appointed the firm of Grant Thornton UK LLP as the competent person to act as an examiner of Castlestone Management Incorporated, fund manager for the following group of Funds; Aliquot Agriculture Fund Inc. Aliquot Commodity Fund Inc. Aliquot Gold Bullion Inc. Aliquot Precious Metals Inc. Collection of Modern Art Inc. Consistent Return (Cash Management Fund) Inc. Next 11 Emerging Markets Fund Inc. Porcupine Global Macro Plus Incorporated The examiner is to investigate the fees and expenses charged to the Funds, as well as to determine the adequacy of internal controls, corporate governance and the independence of the directors of the group of Funds, and to provide the Commission with a report on its findings.
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