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Public Statement - JIM MORGAN

Public Statements

Tortola, British Virgin Islands – April 15, 2019 – The British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (the “Commission”) considers it necessary to issue this public statement in order to protect the public interest and to make the general public aware that Jim Morgan has never been an employee of the Commission or at any time authorised to represent the Commission.

The details are:

Jim Morgan is alleged to be contacting individuals via email ( and falsely purporting to be a representative of the Commission with the purpose of compensating persons for their losses on an investment. He requests access to the individual’s online bank account to facilitate the compensation.

The public is strongly advised against providing personal banking information or access to their personal bank account to any third parties and is invited to provide the Commission with any relevant information on this matter, including the identity of any other questionable individual purporting to represent the Commission.

The Commission has issued this Public Statement pursuant to Section 37A(2)(c)(i) of the Financial Services Commission Act, 2001.