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Public Statement 5 of 2023 - Fraudulent Website: A.F.S.C Aruba Financial Services Commission

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Fraudulent Website 
A.F.S.C Aruba Financial Services Commission

Tortola, British Virgin Islands – 31 May 2023 - The British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (the ’Commission’) considers it necessary to issue this Public Statement in order to protect its customers, creditors, and any person who may have been solicited to visit or conduct business via the website A.F.S.C Aruba Financial Services Commission. 

The details are:

It has come to the attention of the Commission that a website is being operated via the website URL: which is fraudulently purporting to be the Aruba Financial Services Commission (hereinafter referred to as the 'fraudulent website’). The fraudulent website appears to have materially cloned (and displays) details and information from the Commission’s website - In addition, the fraudulent website has two suspicious tabs, one of which is named “Refund Reserve” and the other “Report an Issue or a Suggestion”.

The Commission hereby informs the public that the Commission has no affiliation with and is in no way connected to the fraudulent website or the Aruba Financial Services Commission. Further, the fraudulent website and its operators are not and have never been authorised by the Commission to use the information published on the Commission’s website.

Members of the public are advised to exercise extreme caution if solicited at any time to visit or conduct business through the fraudulent website with URL; the public is also advised not to click on any of its tabs.

The Commission is diligently working with the relevant authorities to have the fraudulent website decommissioned. 

The Commission has issued this Public Statement pursuant to Section 37A of the Financial Services Commission Act, 2001.