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What criteria are used to determine whether an applicant for a licence is “fit and proper”?

The BVI FSC’s criteria for assessing fitness and propriety of entities and individuals is set out in the Regulatory Code, 2009. Fitness and propriety requires a review of several components including honesty, integrity and reputation, competence and capability and financial soundness.

What is the annual licence fee for Company Managers and Trust Licence holders and when are they payable?

The annual licence fee for a:

  1. Company Management Licence: five hundred dollars (US$500) plus ten dollars (US$10) for each company under management.
  2. General Trust Licence: ten thousand dollars (US$10,000).
  3. Restricted Trust Licence: three hundred dollars (US$300).

Payment of these annual licence (renewal) fees are due during the month of January.

What information is required for the approval of the appointment of directors/senior officers of a bank?

Documentation required for the appointment of a director/senior officer:

  • Two professional character references
  • A police certificate or notarized affidavit as to non- criminal record
  • A completed personal questionnaire
  • Notarized copy of individual passport identification page(s).
  • Detailed resume