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Company Searches


Information and documents for BVI Business Companies, Limited Partnerships and Foreign Companies may be requested by the public, with payment of the requisite fees.

Request for information on BVI registered entities can be made by submitting a completed Search Request Form (R820), which includes the instructions and applicable fees. Once the form is submitted, the search report will be sent within 24 hours.

Search reports for BVI Business Companies and Foreign Companies will provide information on the following:

  • company name;
  • company number;
  • company type;
  • date of incorporation;
  • status description;
  • status date;
  • current registered agent;
  • current registered agent address;
  • current registered office address;
  • share/capital information;
  • previous name history;
  • transaction history; and
  • certificate history.

Within the search report, a list of transactions filed with the Registry for each company will be displayed to allow the user to request certified or uncertified copies of a particular document.

A search report for Limited Partnerships (LP) will provide the following:

  • LP name;
  • LP number;
  • status description;
  • date of formation;
  • current registered agent;
  • current registered office;
  • current registered agent telephone/fax number;
  • previous name history
  • transaction history; and 
  • certificate history.


Our online public search function will be available soon. This will allow for online searches to be done electronically with immediate return of the search report in cases where the company’s information is fully digitized.