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Recently, changes were made to the VIRRGIN transaction to file Register of Members and Directors which affected the manner in which details for this transaction could be submitted through VIRRGIN.  This has now been rectified and we are pleased to advise persons wishing to file a Register of...


Public Statement No. 7 of 2015

 20 May, 2015




Tortola, British Virgin Islands – 20 May, 2015 – The British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (the “FSC”) considers it necessary to issue this public statement...


Meet The Regulator (December 2009) - (Statutory Reporting Obligations of the Insurance Manager) - Elton Lettsome


Tortola, British Virgin Islands – 12 June, 2012 – The British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (FSC) has today announced the appointment of Mr. James Wadham as an additional External Commissioner to its Board of Commissioners.  The appointment, which took effect from 6 February, 2012...