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The Financial Services Commission recognizes that it is appropriate for some companies that act as trustee or provide other trust related services, particularly for a group of related family trusts, to be exempted from the licensing requirement under the Banks and Trust Companies Act, 1990


August 14, 2003 - The general public is HEREBY ADVISED that Goldsmith Investments Limited is not a recognised or registered mutual fund under the Mutual Funds Act, 1996 (as amended).

Goldsmith Investments Limited appears to be conducting mutual fund business from their...


Tortola, British Virgin Islands – 10 September – The BVI International Arbitration Centre today announced the appointments of five inaugural members of the BVI International Arbitration Centre Board (the “BVI IAC Board”). The first members of the BVI IAC Board were appointed by Cabinet effective...


Meet The Regulator (18 February 2010) - Introduction to the Insurance Act 2008 - Harry Whitcher


Pursuant to Section 9(1)(b) of the Banks and Trust Companies Act, 1990, all licensees are required to appoint two individuals to act as Authorised Agents on their behalf. The Commission is encouraging Registered Agents to review their Authorised Agents and ensure that the current information is...