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Enforcement Action

Action Date Enforcement Action Licensee or Regulated Person
15 Dec 2014 Warning Letter Caledonian Fund Services (BVI) Ltd.
16 Oct 2014 Administrative Penalty $6,000.00 Mint Capital Advisers Limited
9 Apr 2015 Administrative Penalty $20,000.00 PATTON, MORENO AND ASVAT (BVI) LIMITED
15 Aug 2011 Directive Aliquot Gold & Precious Metals Equities Fund Inc.
3 Dec 2013 Cease and Desist Order Granite Global Insurance Company Limited
7 Jun 2012 Revocation of Licenses/Certificate Western Preferred Life Assurance Limited
20 Dec 2011 Appointment of Examiner Collection of Modern Art Inc.
6 Apr 2013 Cease and Desist Order Nova Trade Financial Holdings Ltd.
23 Sep 2016 Administrative Penalty $980.00 SEABOARD FUND LIMITED
19 Dec 2014 Warning Letter Arias, Fabrega & Fabrega Trust Co. (BVI) Limited
19 Apr 2018 Public Statement MR. LEVERE WENT and FLOW MONEY SYSTEM