Banking and Fiduciary Services

The following companies which are listed in bold hold valid trust licences under the Banks and Trust Companies Act, 1990 (“the Act”). In addition, the companies that are listed in italics are authorized under section 10(2) of the Act to engage in trust business as subsidiaries listed on the respective trust licences. The asterisk (*) denotes those companies that are authorized to provide registered agent/registered office services.

(Class I Trust Licence, for the purpose of carrying on trust business and company management business)


ABM Corporate Services, Ltd.*

A.J.K. Corporate Services (BVI) Limited*

A.J.K. Corporate Management Inc.

A.J.K. Corporate Adminisration Inc.

AMS Trustees Limited*

AMS Financial Services Limited*

Arawak Trust Company Limited*

Corporate Registrations Limited*

ATU General Trust (BVI) Limited*

ATU Corporate Secretaries Ltd.

Beeston Management and Trustees (BVI) Limited

Merco Trustees (BVI) Limited

Serco Management Limited

Verity Management Limited

Sage Mountain Directors (BVI) Ltd.

Abacus Trust and Management Services Limited*

Abacus Corporate Services Limited

Abacus Management Limited

Abacus Managers Limited

Abacus Nominee Limited

Aleman, Cordero, Galindo & Lee Trust (BVI) Limited*

Alfaro, Ferrer & Ramirez (BVI) Limited*

Amerlink Management & Trust Corporation Limited*

Amerlink Services Inc. (ASI)

Amicorp B.V.I. Limited*

Amicorp (B.V.I.) Trustees Ltd.

Arias, Fabrega & Fabrega Trust Co. BVI Limited*

Arifa Trustees Limited

Belmont Trust Limited*

Fides Trustees Limited

Goerdeler Limited

Klynveld Limited

Services Fiduciare S.A.

CCS Trustees Limited*

Horizon Corporate Consultants Limited*

CISA Trust Company (BVI) Ltd.*

Fletcher International (BVI) Ltd

Global Corporate Services (BVI) Ltd

Universal International Mangement (BVI) Ltd

Worldwide Secretarial Services (BVI) Ltd.

Citco Trust Corporation Limited*

B.V.I. Corporation Company Limited

B.V.I. Liquidators Limited

Caribbean Corporation Company Limited

Citco B.V.I. Limited*

Citco Trustees (BVI) Ltd.

Inter Caribbean Services Limited

InterAtlantic Services Limited

Securitas Management Services Corp.

Tortola Corporation Company Limited

Tortrust Corporation Company Limited

Trans Caribbean Management N.V.

Celtic Trust Company Limited*

D�tente Limited

Conyers Trustee Services (BVI) Limited

Conyers Director (BVI) Limited

Conyers Trust Company (BVI) Limited

Codan Director Services Limited

Commence Overseas Limited*

Commence Trustees Limited

Commonwealth Trust Limited*

Imperial Trust Limited*

Sealight Trust Limited*

Corporate Agents (BVI) Limited*

Coverdale Trust Services Limited*

Coverdale Asset Management Limited

Coverdale Directors Limited

Coverdale Secretaries Limited

Coverdale Shareholders Limited

Coverdale Trustees Limited

Crescent Corporate Services Limited* (In Liquidation)

Chianti Management Limited

Crescent Trustees Limited

Talisker Management Services Ltd.

East Asia Corporate Services (BVI) Limited*

East Asia Corporate Services (Nominees) Ltd.

Essex Nominees Limited

Cane Garden Bay Limited

Witcombe Corporation

Roebuck Limited

Tudor Nominees Limited

Tricor Services (BVI) Limited*

Equiom Trust Services (BVI) Limited*

Intertrust Corporate Services (BVI) Limited*

Intertrust Corporate Director 2 (BVI) Limited

Intertrust Trustee (BVI) Limited

Intertrust First Director (BVI) Limited

Intertrust Directors (BVI) Limited

Intertrust Nominees (BVI) Limited

Estera Corporate Services (BVI) Limited*

Reid Services (BVI) Limited

Estera Directors (BVI) Limited

Estera Management Services (BVI) Limited

Geneva Management Group (BVI) Ltd.

Control Services Corp.

Custody Investment Services Ltd

Securities House Nominees Inc.

Griffin Trustees Limited *

GTS Corporate Services Limited*

HSBC International Trustee (BVI) Limited*

Hamilton Trust & Management Company Limited*

Harneys Corporate and Trust Services Limited*

Cains Fiduciaries (BVI) Limited

Harlaw Limited

Harneys Corporate Services Limited*

Harneys (Nevis) Limited

Harneys Trustees Limited

Lawrie Limited

Craigmuir Corporate Services Limited*

Torman Limited

Westlaw Limited

Hauteville Trust (BVI) Limited*

Corpman Inc.

Dircorp Inc.

Hauteville Trustees (BVI) Limited

Blenheim Corporate Services Limited*

Hudsun Trust Company Limited*

Hudsun (Anguilla) Limited

Hudsun Management Services Limited

Hudsun Secretaries Limited

Hudsun Trustees Limited

Icaza, Gonzalez-Ruiz & Aleman (BVI) Trust Limited*

ILS Fiduciary (BVI) Limited*

Sovereign Corporate (BVI) Limited*

J.S. Archibald Trust Services Limited*

GenPro (BVI) Limited*

JTC (BVI) Limited*

JTC Corporate Services (BVI) Limited

JTC Directors (BVI) Limited

JTC Trustees (BVI) Limited

Jordans Trust Company (BVI) Limited*

Jordans Company Secretaries (BVI) Limited

Jordans Nominees (BVI) Limited

Jordans Trustees (BVI) Limited

Mancorp Limited

Saavedra Registrars Limited*

KCS Trust Limited*

Maples Corporate Services (BVI) Limited*

MaplesFS Nominees 1 Limited

MaplesFS Nominees 2 Limited

MaplesFS Nominees 3 Limited

MaplesFS Nominees 4 Limited

MaplesFS Nominees 5 Limited

MaplesFS Nominees 6 Limited

SHR Corporate Services Limited

Marvyn Limited

MaplesFS (BVI) Limited

Midland Corporate Services Limited*

Midocean Management and Trust Services (BVI) Limited*

Midocean Nominees Limited

Momats Limited

MMG Trust (BVI) Corp.*

Morgan & Morgan Trust Services Limited

Moore Stephens International Services (BVI) Limited*

First Island (BVI) Limited

MSMC Trustees Limited

MSMC Fiduciaries Limited

Mossack Fonseca & Co. (B.V.I.) Ltd.*

Nerine Trust Company (BVI) Limited*

Ambergris Limited

Bannockburn Ltd.

Nerine Nominees Limited

Newhaven Corporate Services (BVI) Limited*

Main Street Management Limited

Main Street Services Limited

Main Street Nominees Limited

Main Street Holdings Limited

Newhaven Trust Company Limited

Newhaven Trustees (BVI) Limited*

Osiris International Trustees Limited*

Kingsley Corporate Services Ltd.*

Kingsley Directorship Services Ltd.

Osiris Management Services Ltd.

Osiris Secretarial Services Ltd.

Start Incorp Services Limited*

Overseas Management Company Trust (B.V.I.) Ltd.*

Overseas Trustees Company Limited

Patton, Moreno & Asvat (BVI) Limited*

Global Corporate Consultants Group Inc.*

Portcullis (BVI) Limited*

Managecorp Limited

ProServices Limited*

Quadrangle Trust Company (BVI) Limited*

Quijano & Associates (BVI) Limited*

Rawlinson & Hunter Limited*

Main Street Trustees Limited

Prospect Nominees (BVI) Ltd.

R&H Secretaries (BVI) Ltd.

R&H Trust Co. (BVI) Ltd.

Woodbourne Corporation (BVI) Limited

SHRM Trustees (BVI) Limited*

Arromanches Limited

Athlone Management Limited

Belvaux Management Limited

Ehlange Management Limited

Hesperange Services Limited

RiverFront Capital Ltd.

Rochette Investments Limited

Sable Trust Limited*

Sable Fiduciary Limited*

Sable Management Services Limited

Sable Secretaries Limited

Shirley Trust Company Limited*

Sucre & Sucre Trust Limited*

TMF (B.V.I.) Ltd.*

Optima Corporate Services (BVI) Limited

Jai Services Limited

CMS Limited

Havelet Trust Company (BVI) Limited

TMF Incorp Directors Limited

Shellbourne Trust Company (BVI) Limited

Quorum Corporate Services Ltd

Fort Trust Company Limited

Wickhams Cay Trust Company Limited

MN Limited.

F.M.C. Limited.

Alstonia Investments Ltd.

Bicourt Ltd.

Financial Trustees Limited

TMF Management (BVI) Limited

TMF Management Services Ltd.

Totalserve Trust Company Limited*

Trident Trust Company (B.V.I.) Limited*

B.V.I. Company Formations Limited*

Dunstable Holdings Limited

Glastonbury Holdings Limited

Trident Liquidators (B.V.I.) Limited

Director Services (BVI) Limited

I.T.G. Directors (T&C) Limited

Vulcan Limited

International Trustee Company Ltd.

Trident Nominees (B.V.I.) Limited

Vistra (BVI) Limited *

Vistra Trust (BVI) Limited

Congress Inc.

Palmwood Management Limited

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