AAUG Insurance Co. Ltd.

Advantage General Insurance Company Limited

Advocate Insurance Company Ltd.

Affinity Risk Assurance Limited

Allegiance Financial Group Insurance Company, Limited

Allied Insurance and Reinsurance Company, Limited

Alpine Insurance company, Ltd

Asia-Pac Reinsurance Company Ltd.

Augustus Insurance Group, Ltd.

Auto Transportation Insurance Group, Inc. (Formerly Automotive Insurance Group Inc.)

Beacon Beneficial Insurance Company, Limited

Big Valley Mutual Insurance Co., Ltd.

Bituach Insurance Company Limited

Bloch Insurance, Ltd.

Cairn Rock Protection, Limited

Caspar Insurance Company, Limited

Casuarina Insurance Limited

Cedar Protection, Limited

Century Provident Insurance Ltd

Chapel Hill Insurance Company Inc

Citadel Protection, Limited

Coastal Indemnity Ltd

Commercial Re Overseas, Ltd.

Compedge Reinsurance Company, Inc.

Consolidated Insurers Limited

Consortium Re, Ltd.

Covenant General Insurance Company Limited

Craigmuir Insurance Company Limited

Crater Assurance, Ltd.

Croesus Re SPC Limited

Dear Prudence Protection, Limited

Delta Plains CDL Insurance, Inc.

Diversified Casualty Company, Ltd.

Donegal Insurance Company Limited

Eagle Protection Insurance Company, Limited

Eleuthera Insurance Limited

Financial Security Reinsurance Company Limited

Fireworks Indemnity Insurance Co. Ltd.

Fresco Insurance Company Ltd.

Galaxy Protection, Limtied

GEO Products Insurance Company Limited

Global Alternative Risk Protection Ltd.

Global Assurance Limited (Formerly Allied Global Insurance Limited)

Global Hawk Insurance Company Ltd. (Formerly Charleston Property & Casualty)

GMS Reinsurance Company, Ltd.

Gold Quest Insurance Company, Limited

Granite Protection, Limited

Gulf States Casualty Company Ltd.

Hallandale Underwriters, Limited

Heritage Reinsurance Company Limited

Highlife Insurance Company Limited

Hima San Pablo Captive Insurance Company Limited

Home State Insurance Company SPC Inc

HUB Assurance Ltd.

Independent Insurers Ltd.

International Casualty Company SPC, Inc.

Keystone Protection, Limited

Knights of Von Duke, Limited

Legacy Re, Ltd.

Liability Management Insurance, Ltd.

Logistics Insurance Ltd.

Longevity Physicians Insurance Company, Ltd.

Majic Casualty & Indemnity, Limited

Miramar Insurance Company Ltd

Montenegro Re Limited

Mountain Reinsurance Company Limited (Formerly Vaco Reinsurance Company, Limited)

NevPac Reinsurance Company ltd.

North Ocean Assurance, Ltd

Northstar Protection, Limited

Physician Malpractice Insurance Underwriters Inc.

Pinehurst Insurance Company Ltd.

Premier Concepts Insurance Company, Limited

Premium Protection, Limited

Professional Research Assurance Limited

Progressive Insurance Limited

Provest Indemnity Limited

Purcell Insurance Company Limited

Regency Health Ltd.

Reinsurance Solutions Ltd (Formerly Selene Reinsurance Company Ltd)

Representatives Indemnity Co., Inc.

River Oaks Casualty & Indemnity, Limited

RMC Reinsurance Company, Limited

Sage Insurance Group, Ltd.

Saiph Re Limited

Sand Castle Casualty & Indemnity, Limited

Saxon Re, Ltd.

Scorpio Assurance Company, Ltd.

Seabridge Insurance Group Limited

Seassurance Limited

Shoreline Casualty & Indemnity Ltd.

Sierra Pacific Casualty Company, Inc.

Southern Assurance Limited

Southwatch Insurance Company, Ltd.

Sphaira Risk Ltd

Spheric Assurance Company, Ltd.

Statetrust Life and Annuities Limited

Strategic Guarantee Insurance Company, Limited

Summit Protection, Limited

Superior Fidelity Assurance, Limited

Suwanee Warranty Insurance Company, Ltd.

The Duke of Von Midnight Assurance Company, Ltd

Tollhouse Protection, Limited

Tramont Insurance Company, Limited

Transway International Insurance Company, Limited

Trivesta Casualty Insurance, Inc.

United Collectors Insurance Ltd.

United International Insurance SPC Limited

United States Indemnity and Casualty Company Limited

US Risk Associates Insurance Company (SPC) Limited

V & S Assurance Company, Ltd.

Valley National Insurance, Limited

Vanderbilt Property & Casualty Insurance Company, Ltd.

Victory Life & Pension Assurance Company Limited

Vigilant Assurance Company, Limited

Werx International Warranty, Inc

Western Assurance Limited

World Insurance and Reinsurance Corp. (Formerly World Insurance and Reinsurance Inc.)

Dated this 20th day of July 2017
Financial Services Commission

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British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission

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P.O. Box 418
Road Town, Tortola, VG 1110
British Virgin Islands

Tel: 284-494-1324 or 284-494-4190 GMT – 4:00
Fax: 284-494-5016
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30a.m. - 4:30p.m.