Registry of Corporate Affairs

The Registry of Corporate Affairs primarily administers the BVI Business Companies Act and is responsible for ensuring that entities doing business in and from within the Territory are duly registered and that the Register of Companies is properly maintained.

The Intellectual Property Unit within the Registry of Corporate Affairs is responsible for administering all laws relating to intellectual property in the British Virgin Islands. Responsibilities currently include the registration and post registration filings under the Trade Marks Act, The Registration of UK Trade Marks Act, and The Registration of UK Patents Act.

Contact: Mrs. Myrna Herbert
Director of Registry of Corporate Affairs

List of Forms (Click the links to download the application forms)

Forms below are posted as of February 15, 2006 unless otherwise noted

Form Name Form Number Status
Incorporation 1 1
Application for Incorporation R101 1
Application for Incorporation - Continuation into the Virgin Islands (VI) R103 *Revised* 3/16/06
Application for Registration - Foreign Company R104 1
Registration of Articles of Consolidation R105 1
Application for Re-Registration R110 1
Amendment to Memorandum and/or Articles 1 1
Amendments to the Memorandum and/or Articles of Association R201 *Revised* 3/16/06
Amendment to the Memorandum and/or Articles of Association by Court Order R202 1
Notice of Filing of Restated Memorandum and Articles of Association R203 3/16/06
Notice of Election to Disapply Part IV Transitional Provisions R205 **New** 01/02/07
Notice of Election to Disapply Part IV Division 5 Transitional Provisions R207 **New** 10/08/08
Notice of Change in Number of Shares Company is Authorised to Issue R210 1
Notice of Change in Authorised Capital R211 1
Notice of Change of Name - Foreign Company R221 1
Notice of Change of Jurisdiction of Incorporation - Foreign Company R222 1
Notice of Change in the Instrument Constituting or Redefining a Constitution - Foreign Company R223 1
Notice of Change in Directors - Foreign Company R224 1
Notice of Change in Registered Agent of a Foreign Company R225 1
Company Changes 1 1
Change in Registered Agent R301 1
Change in Registered Office R302 1
Appointment of Registered Agent R303 *Revised* 2/10/09
Change of Company Name R310 *Revised* 3/16/06
Change of Company name - Add/Change a Foreign Character R320 *Revised* 3/16/06
Registers 1 1
Registration of Charge R401 *Revised* 3/16/06
Notice of Variation of a Registered Charge R402 1
Notice of Cessation of a Registered Charge R403 1
Registration of Register of Directors or Members R410 1
Solvency 1 1
Notice of Declaration of Solvency R501 1
Notice of Completion of Liquidation R502 1
Notice of Termination of Liquidation R503 1
Company Management 1 1
Registration of Articles of Arrangement R601 1
Registration of Merger R602 1
Notice of Continuation Out of the Virgin Islands R701 *Revised* 3/16/06
Notice of Intent to Resign as Registered Agent R702 1
Notice of Resignation of Registered Agent R703 1
Other Requests 1 1
Request for Certificate of Good Standing and Certifications R800 *Revised* 4/3/06 1
Application to Reserve a Company Name For 90 days R802 1
Request for Re Registration Certificate R805 **New** 01/02/07
International Search Request Form  R820 *Revised* 01/04/18

Contact: Mrs. Myrna Herbert
                Director of Corporate Affairs, Registrar of Companies

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