Enforcement Action

Enforcement Action: Warning Letter
Name of Entity: Intac (BVI) International Investments Limited
Date of Action: 12/1/2014

A warning was issued to Intac (BVI) International Investments Limited for its contraventions of:

  1. section 19(2)(a) of the Regulatory Code, 2009 (the “Regulatory Code”) by failing to have at all times at least two directors;
  2. section 19(7)(a) of the Regulatory Code by not immediately notifying the Commission that the Licensee, after being granted a licence, had less than two directors; and
  3. section 19(7)(b) of the Regulatory Code by not, within a period not exceeding the twenty-one days from the date the Licensee failed to comply with subsection (1), submit to the Commission an application for the approval to appoint a director, to ensure compliance with subsection (2).